Minnow Head Eye Hole Jig

Minnow Head Eye Hole Jig


This new jig head specially-designed to hold attractant niblets is taking the crappie fishing world by storm.

Minnow Head options:

  • 1/16th oz (5 per pack) keeper with a #2 sickle hook
  • 1/8th oz (4 per pack) with a #1 sickle hook
  • 1/4th oz (3 per pack) with a 1/0 sickle hook

The new catch on the Eye Hole Jig is just that – the eye hole. We’ve created a patent-pending mold that produces a hollow eye hole which is the perfect size to insert a Berkley Gulp niblet or Crappie Bites or most of the other crappie attractants on the market.


1/16th oz (5 per pack), 1/8th oz (4 per pack), 1/4th oz (3 per pack)


Black, Blue, Chartreuse, Copper Gold Flake, Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, White


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